Right now I am aiming at being traditionally published, and as I am working towards that, these are my current projects that I am mainly focusing on at the moment.

A whodunnit

murder mystery



Several POVs

Present Tense

Third Person Close



A young detective is on a vacation at a small, rural coastal town in order to destress after the busy life of the city has taken its toll on her.

However, when a ballet dancer is found dead in the lake, it proves to be anything but a time to relax.

She knows that something isn't right when it was deemed only  an unfortunate suicide.

She then happens to gain support from an unlikely ally: an emotionless reporter from the local newspaper. 

What have helped inspire this WIP:

- Stranger  (비밀의 숲)

Midsomer Murders

Image by Javardh

What have helped inspire this WIP:

- The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

- Macbeth by Shakespeare

2 POVs

Present Tense

First Person



On hold

A cold case

murder mystery

"project PRISON"

Nikolai is in prison for a murder that took place 10 years ago.  A murder he has no memories of; a murder he doesn't want to remember.

Miriam , a therapist, is participating in the prison's rehabilitation program and sparks an interest for the arrogant, aggressive, and uncooperative inmate who for some reason seems dead set on staying in prison.

As tensions between inmates and prison staff are boiling under the surface, waiting to erupt, so are the mysteries surrounding the 10 year old murder case.