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I accept no new commissions at this moment


Ingrid took my messy idea for a book cover and created a variety of mock ups so that I could really see my options and choose the best one.


She got everything back to me on time or early and went above and beyond to ensure that the finished product was exactly what I dreamed it would be!


It was a great experience!

- Savannah J. Goins

Author of the Odan Terridor Trilogy 

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Read the FAQ before commissioning custom art.

If your question is not there, or if anything is unclear, feel free to Contact Me!

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Want to use my art for commercial purposes?
See what commercial licences I offer.




Custom Character Art

Want character art? 

I can help bring your characters to life.



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Custom Cover Art

I can create art for your book cover!

Choose the size and complexity for the illustration that will work for you and your book.



New Commission detail

I no longer have always open commissions.

It got to a point where I struggled to keep up and my personal projects had to be put on hold.
I truly appreciate that so many has been interested in my art, but I need to do something before I burned out completely.

From now on I will only periodically open up commission slots. This allows me more control of how many clients I can take on at any given moment

(because otherwise, I'm just too bad at saying no)

Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices negotiable?

No. Not usually.

But I am not against discussing it if necessary.

What can I use commissioned artwork for?

Character art: The price for character art includes a licence to use the art for promotional material on your social media and/or website.

It cannot be used in published works for profit, such as books, magazines, blogs, merch etc, without asking for such permission, and pay an extra fee for an expanded licence.

Prices for an expanded license for character art is found here.

Cover art: The price for Custom Cover Art includes a licence to use the art for promotional material and for published works that can/will be sold for profit.

Who owns the art?

I own the art and I can showcase it on my website and social media and similar platforms.

By commissoning me you are buying a licence to use the art for its intended purposes, and you can decide when said art is to be revealed/made public. I won't showcase or post it anywhere until after that date, so don't worry about any leaks!

This is mostly a formality to help me protect my work, so that I don't lose the rights to say that it's made by me, and so that my work isn't used in a way that I haven't given permission for.

What formats are the files provided in?

High resolution PNG for character art.

High resolution PNG and/or PDF for cover art.

I may provide other file formats if desired.

What does the process look like?

A brief overview looks like this:

- Consultation

- Contract (if for commercial purposes)

- First sketch for review and feedback

- A second-third sketch if necessary.

- Running updates on the progress.

- Final review for touch-ups
- Completion

A more in-depth description of the process:

If I have any commission slots open, you can contact me we'll talk further about what it is that you want.

Depending on my schedule and your deadline, I will let you know if I am can do what you ask.

For art to be used for commercial purposes, I'll send an electronic contract via email after we've agreed on how to move forward with the project.

I'll collect all the information that I need from you (descriptions, aesthetics, pictures, etc.)

Reminder: The more specific you are, the better!!

I'll create sketches, you'll give me feedback on those, and I will start painting.

By this point the invoice would have been sent. The invoice can either be paid partially or fully.

Throughout I will do my best to provide updates on the progress regularly. With these you can offer tweaks and changes.

When I finish, you'll receive the high resolution paintings sent to your email once the invoice is fully paid.

How do you take payment?

All fees go through PayPal. I will send you an invoice to your email address.

For larger sums you can pay in several parts. For example, 50% up front and 50% after completion and prior to delivery of the completed work. It is possible to split it further if needed.

You will not recieve the full resolution artworks until the invoice has fully been paid. All updates and artworks will be shown with a watermark until the invoice is paid.

How long does it take?

It's difficult to set a specific time due to every artpiece being a different experience.

Due to this not being my full job, I unfortunately cannot be very specific.
If you have an important deadline I will do my best to keep it, but I appreciate if anyone who commissions me will do so in good time for when they need it done.

Anything you won't draw?

I do not draw NSFW** content (this typically means to include explicit nudity and sexual content and intense / grotesque violence and gore).

I reserve the right to decline commissions.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend looking at my portfolio and decide from that if my style is something that would be a good fit for your project and vision.

*Abbreviation for Not Safe For Work

What programs/equipment do you use?

My drawing display is a Huion Camvas Pro 20.

Drawing tablet is Wacom Bamboo.

My primary drawing program is Clip Studio Paint.

I use Adobe Photoshop for photobashing projects.

For book cover formatting services I use Adobe InDesign.

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