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About Me

My name is Ingrid.

I am a digital artist.

I would categorise my style as semi-realistic and I most often draw people, but I have attempted to practice landscapes in the later years.

I started my art journey drawing manga, particularly from author/illustrator and youtuber Mark Crilley, and the things I learned from doing that became my foundation for all my paintings ever since.

Like most kids I drew mostly on paper.

But I also drew on napkins. A lot.

If I had a pen and a plain surface close, I would likely be drawing on it.

Sometime during middle-school (year 8-10), I got my first drawing tablet. I fell in love with the limitless potential and the look and feel of the digital medium, so this then became my main focus.

But I still like doing traditional art, particularly acrylics, oil, coloured pencils and sculpting with clay.


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