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Thetop Writer Aboume


I'm from Norway where I live in a small basement-apartment with my hamster, Latté.

Ever since I was little I would create my own stories before falling asleep at night.

When I was 10 or so, I had the idea of creating a story about a dog who was also a superstar.

When I was in middle-school (13-16 years old) I attempted to write an entire mystery novel. I finished it at around 20k.

It wasn't very good.

Then I stopped writing. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I thought it couldn't be writing.

So I studied media and communication in high shcool, learning about photography, commercials and ads, radio, text formatting, and even animation... and during the last year I had the chance to choose whatever project I wanted (that had to do with writing) in order to format that with InDesign. I wrote a story -- a mystery with sci-fi elements. It was very bad. But I loved being back to creating stories. 

I then attended university where I studied language and literature, specializing in English, but with some Norwegian classes to go along with it as well.

Analysing and studying literature was what really got me back to thinking that creative writing is fascinating, important, and a completely valid and doable thing for me to achieve.

So here I am, finally being serious about trying to get my stories out to the world.

7 random things about me


I love birds. Some of my favourite birds are crows, seagulls, and White Wagtails.


My favourite drink officially is Chai Latte.

Unofficially it's coke zero.


I'm a night owl.


I am a Plantser, but I lean more towards Plotter than a Pantser.


I'm a cat person, but I still love dogs (and animals in general)


The "amateur sleuth" is my favourite trope in mystery stories.


I love green plants and have quite a few of them, 2 of which are avocado trees grown from avocado pits.

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